FORCES - Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine, Vincent Lemaître

FORCES will be a futuristic tale, navigating between the ritual and the virtual.
In our society, there is a fascination for an ideal and powerful body. Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine and Vincent Lemaître will question our ever more cyborg body looking for its ruptures, its glitches, its urges. In the continuity of the show Atomic 3001, they will continue to develop the triangular relation between sound, movement and light in order to generate a total collective sensorial experience.  In Forces, a new kind of ritual will be invented exploring the connections between sound vibrations and movement.  The bodies on stage, all female, will be warriors, android hybrid creatures, violent, insatiable and carnal. FORCES will seek to convoke a powerful collective energy that gather ourselves in a celebration of the living.

Choreography: Leslie Mannes, Thomas Turine, Vincent Lemaître
Original live music: Thomas Turine
Lighting creation: Vincent Lemaître
Interpretation: Daniel Barkan, Mercedes Dassy, ​​Leslie Mannès
Costume: Marie Artamonoff
Outside look: Joëlle Bacchetta
Photo credit: Laetitia Bica
Co-production: Brigittines - CDC Roubaix Gymnasium
Production: Asbl Hirschkuh broadcast: Bloom Project -
With the support of SACD BEAUMARCHAIS, La Balsamine, VAT - Home studio : Charleroi-Danse

Contact: Bloom Project

STRETCH on stage – Isabella Soupart

What happens when the accelerated rhythms of our pop culture are stretched visually, physically and acoustically?  

Choreographer Isabella Soupart stages a performance for 7 dancers, exploring the tensions between group dynamics and individual autonomy, backed by the young Flemish duo Arto Van Roey and Jacob Hus’s minimalist electronic acoustic music. British conceptual artist Jonathan Sullam, the choreographer’s regular partner, sculpts the scenic landscape of a forest of water columns. 

Spectators wander freely setting their own personal time experience, the object being to provide a scenic space open to all ; a link generating exchange, experimentation, movement, research and new ideas.

Concept & Choreography : Isabella Soupart
Installation : Jonathan Sullam
Fashion design : Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Dancers : Sara Tan, Meri Pajunpää, Kayoko Minami, Eléonore Valère-Lachky, Johanna Willig-Rosenstein, Fouad Nafili, Popaul Amisi
Music : Jacob Huss (bass), Arto Van Roey (guitar), Olivier Taskin (drums)
Sound design : Christine Verschorren
Light design : Jim Clayburgh
Technical direction : Matthieu Vergez
Production management : Noémie Sonveau
Coproduction : Charleroi Danse

Contact : Isabella Soupart

Selk’Nord – Alessia Luna Wyss

The disappearance is the main theme of this creation. It crosses two elements of the Chilean culture that resist or disappear behind images: Cueca sola as a political act (denouncing missing persons under the dictatorship of Pinochet) and the Selk Nam (indigenous people who, after having been exposed to human zoos, apparently no longer exists). This people is visible only in his ceremonial clothes. An exoticism to reconsider.

Seeking out of a colonial relationship, this show plays with the invisible and the insaississable; he values ​​movement rather than form; he proposes fragments memories inspired by underground Chilean cultural resistance. The bodies of the three dancers, in a state of forgetfulness, intersect and jerk one another events guided by a radio documentary.

Opacity is the watchword of their relations.

With: Gabriela Jimenèz, Naomi Gross, Sophie Pahud
Dramaturgy: Sebastian Belmar
Sound creation: Laure Gatelier
Assistantship: Rosandra Nicoletti
Scenic Look: Cécile Balate
Co-production: Charleroi Danse and WBI (Wallonia-Brussels International)
Light Creation: Joseph Iavicoli
Costumes: Alessia L. Wyss and Héloïse Matthieu
Artistic advice: Ayelen Parolin
Production: In Archipelago ASBL
Image credit: Luca Wyss
With the support of the platform ILES asbl (France Morin), la Universidad de Chile, le studio Chez Georges, l’atelier L’Ad hoc, La Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Le théâtre Marni, le Knustfestival et le lieu de résidence BAMP

Contact : Alessia Luna Wyss

Grand Tétras - Marion Sage

“it begins with a hike
looking for a strange bird
an animal in extinction
some signs of this animal’s presence were collected and sorted
theses traces are some gesture’s residues but never let a dance appear
the movement’s dynamic got lost but
fuses of steps are possible
impetus are trying and face’s expressions are outlining”

From some words, dance’s descriptions and pictures representing the gardener and dancer Jean Weidt (1904-1988), new fictions will be imagined tensions between the loss of dances and the traces of past gestures, between destruction and potentialities for future movements in the present will be explored.


Creation and interpretation: Marion Sage
Sound creation: Anne Lepère
Light creation: Estelle Gautier
Accompaniments in movement research: Florence Casanave, Louise Thistle, Christine Gabard, and Maud Pizon.
Costume: Marilyne Grimmer
Co-production: Charleroi Danse, choreographic center of Wallonia-Brussels and Le Vivat, Armentières convention scene
With the support of : : la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la DRAC Hauts-de-France, la SACD Belgique, Honolulu de Nantes, le CCN de Roubaix, la Fabrique de Théâtre de Frameries, La Bellone de Bruxelles, Le Centre culturel Jacques Franck de Bruxelles, la Pianofabriek de Bruxelles, le Théâtre de Poche de Hédé-Bazouges, Les Archives départementales du Nord de Lille.

Contact : Marion Sage

Match – Vilma Pitrinaite

MATCH explores competition - a defining feature of neoliberalism, determining not just the market economy but our daily lives, work and relationships. It explores the competition through grotesque displays of ego and aggression, connecting the social, the animal, and the national. To sustain, it requires a kind of equilibrium - if one player starts to gain, the conclusion is foregone and the competition is over. Two players find themselves mirroring and merging, discovering differences as they attempt to reach the same image and uncovering the more subtle manifestations of competition - constant judgment and comparison between individuals.

Conception, choreography & performance : Vilma Pitrinaite, Emily Gastineau/ Sabina Scarlat
With the support of workspacebrussels, Garage29, ProgramATLAS/Impulstanz, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Fresh Oysters Performance Research, Fillimit Platform/KoresponDance Festival, SE.S.TA

Contact : Vilma Pitrinaite